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2021 - It's a Wrap!

I've never created something anything that has given me as much pleasure as Storytelling Lab. It's not only given me new energy for my own writing, it gives me joy knowing I'm making some small impact on the creative journey of the participants in my class. Please read the note I received just this morning.

I'm hosting another 3 hour workshop in January and resuming six week classes. Classes are international via Zoom.

"I was motivated to do the Storytelling Lab Sampler 3 hour workshop as I have had a lifelong yearning to write and tell stories, but lacked the confidence to do what I have always dreamt of. Three hours with Bonnie unlocked so much in and gave me motivations, focus and above all - a sense of belief in my own voice. On top of that - in the middle of a pandemic - it was just joyous to spend some time with other fabulous and inspiring women from all over the world. If anyone is considering the course, I would say do it. You'll have no regrets and if you feel half as good as I did after t, you will have started the new year with a bang."

Fiona Rattay, UK

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