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These faces are some of the incredible women who are part of the Storytelling Lab community. And it has become a community, something I'm given credit for but didn't actually plan for. I created the class but my amazing students create the magic.

Each person who joins Storytelling Lab finds exactly what they set out to find: their singular, unique voice. There is nothing as empowering. It's not about becoming a writer or a poet or a journalist. Maybe you'll decide to take up the harmonica! The end result isn't the objective. The journey is the objective.

My niece, Lia Garvin, has a book coming out early next year entitled "UNSTUCK." One of the things she talks about is decision making. To summarize it, decisions aren't the end point, which is the way they're usually framed. Instead, decisions are a starting point! What a brilliant to approach something scary like making a decision. All decisions should be reframed as starting points! Think of how differently you might feel about decision making simply by reframing it!

If you make a decision to spend three hours with me on December 4, it will lead you on an entirely new journey - one that leads back to you. The you who existed as a child, when everything seemed possible and fear was something you only felt when watching a scary film.

If you're looking toward 2022 with a commitment to do something for yourself, then join my Sampler on Saturday, December 4th.

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