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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

When I first made that statement, I admit it was a bit of hyperbole. I meant it. I believed it could be done, but I wasn't the least bit sure any of my "students" would agree. To my everlasting joy, I've discovered that my objective has been realized.

What is about these classes? The camaraderie? The bonding? The films? The assignments? I'm told from those who attend my six week storytelling lab, it's a combination of ALL those things. A pill for depression and lethargy without the unhealthy side effects. The entire experience from creation until the second round, five months later, has been one of the most rewarding of my professional life.

One of my amazing students from England recommended a film which I'm now recommending to EVERYBODY I come across. "Alive Inside" on Netflix. You OWE it to yourself to see this documentary. Music plays a large role in the Storytelling Lab. It's encouraging to know what I felt simply from experience and intuition, turns out to be right.

Two my four classes conclude the end of February. I hope to do one more round all of us can bust out for awhile, thanks to vaccines and reconnect with friends, family and some version of "normal."

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