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The Storytelling Lab CURES depression, lethargy and hopelessness - all byproducts of Covid-19 virus lockdown. How can I make such a claim? Because I completed two rounds of classes and each and every "student" told me. As further "evidence," the members wanted to continue working as a group with me, but each of them will create an original work!

Although that's the purpose of the class, it's thrilling to see people be driven to create something just because they want to do it. I was raised to believe there was no point doing anything unless it resulted in getting paid. I've struggled my entire to life to embrace creativity for creativity sake.

Everybody I know these days, with one or two exceptions, is depressed. Everybody I know feels overwhelmed and/or unmotivated. But what the hell should we feel after the WORST year in modern history. However, even in such dire circumstances we have some control over our individual lives, our own decisions. Every day I have to fight the urge to stay in bed, pull the covers over my head or better yet find a British crime drama on Acorn. Instead, I drag myself out of bed, walk the dogs and return to spend the next hour working out. Do I want to? HELL NO! But it gives me a sense of structure and routine.

When Storytelling Lab classes resume in January*, it will help elevate my spirits. I think all of us, myself included, underestimate the power of being in a creatively nurturing environment. We long for an environment where we can express whatever we want; where there's no fear of judgment or shame. Several "students" told me they found the class a bit like therapy. I take that as a great compliment. It's not just that I'm an advocate of therapy, but rather it signifies people's willingness to be authentic. Ultimately, the Storytelling Lab is a place where people shed their skins and fully embrace themselves.

(*one spot left in my UK/EU and two in U.S. class).

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