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Entertain yourself. That's what I think every time I sit down to write. The FIRST person I have to entertain is myself. And I'm a tough audience. I'm so fucking judgmental. But if I'm jumping up every ten minutes to get something to eat or leave my phone on and take phones and texts, it's a warning. I'm bored. If I'm bored, why will anyone else be entertained or engaged?

Writing is a gift to yourself. Is it hard? Of course. But so are most things that are rewarding. Writing is a journey not a destination. So cliche but so true. If I weren't so lazy I'd create my own quote for your wall. Unless you want to use this one -


  1. Choose and designate a quiet space where you can't be easily interrupted.

  2. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE! Hard shut down.

  3. Set a timer - 30 minutes or more.

  4. BRAIN DUMP. Write from your unconscious. It doesn't matter what you put on the page as long as you're putting down words, scribbles, drawings. Whatever comes out.

  5. Do NOT rewrite a word. Move onto to the next thing.

We have become our own BIGGEST DISTRACTION. Here is an article about what our addiction to social media is doing to us!

Answer this: Do you want to be a voyeur, scrolling through other people's lives and envying them? Or would you like to fulfill your own hopes and aspirations?

You're the person in charge of your future. There will never be a better time than now.

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