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What is it about being human that makes us doubt ourselves? I interface with such intelligent, evolved and creative people, yet they don't see all the qualities they possess. I'm continually amazed by the obstacles we construct because we don't trust ourselves. We don't believe we have the ability to speak our truth. Or speak at all! That isn't entirely true. People are far more comfortable speaking than writing. Why are words, once on a page, so intimidating?!

If there's anything I can communicate to people it's that EVERYONE has a voice. There's nothing to fear, there's nothing to conjure up or practice. It simply exists because you exist. The reality is you just have to get out of your own way so that your voice can emerge. In other words, put your fear and loathing someplace while you send your imagination off a

journey of self discovery.

Don't forget that new Storytelling Lab classes begin in September. Mark your calendars.

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