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Vaxed and unmasked, I've reentered the world or what vaguely resembles the world I knew in 2019.

At a personal level, little has changed. I'm still doing my Storytelling class and enjoying it as much, if not more than ever. It's the quality of the 'students.' I marvel at how quickly and easily people reveal their weaknesses or fears. By the third week, it's as though people have known each other their entire lives.

After today's class, as always, I received text messages from people who tell me how much they love the class. Do you know how RARELY anyone says anything nice anymore? Not just to me, to anyone. It feels so fantastic to receive expressions of appreciation. And as much as I like to be thanked, it wouldn't mean as much if I didn't feel invested in all of the people who take the class. I've been so fortunate because it attracts such interesting people!

When I stop and think about it, it makes sense that the dynamic between the participants in the class, works so well. It attracts people who want to recapture the sense of wonder and adventure they had when they were kids. They want to regain their fearless approach to life and explore their creativity sheerly for he joy of it.

One of the thrills have been that the classes attract people from around the world. It makes the experience so much richer for everybody, myself included.

I'm pausing classes from mid-June through August. I'm going to use the time to get back to my own writing.

Summer goals: Finish reading Anna Karenina, watch Season Six of Line of Duty (somehow) and find my next series that will keep me on my exercise bike.

My current obsessions: Breeders and Better Things. Having come off Breaking Bad, I'm starting to think there's a 'B' theme emerging. Unfortunately, Covid put a halt to shooting so many of my favorite shows that had their new seasons halted. Fortunately, there's a massive amount of terrific material from around the world available. Call My Agent, among them. Adore that show.

Hollywood has discovered, Camille Cottin, who stars in the show. Let's hope they don't destroy her unique talent as they have with other European stars. She is fucking brilliant. It may sound crazy, but I'd be so happy if I could watch this show EVERY DAY. Maybe not all day, but definitely an hour a day!

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