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What if I told you I can turn you into a writer in six weeks? You wouldn't believe me. But the facts prove otherwise. Go to the TESTIMONIALS page and see what students are saying about the six week Storytelling Lab classes. And while I can prove to you that you can write, it's up to you to actually do the work, make the time, develop a discipline. Because being able to write and writing are entirely different things.

The good side of the pandemic it has made so many of us reflect on our lives and question what we're doing with it. What seems to be missing for most people is a creative link. The beauty of a storytelling class is that no matter you want to do in your life, you will benefit from knowing how to use your own stories to connect to people whether professionally or personally. Stories are the glue of human connection. We find ourselves in other people's stories.,a%20person%27s%20motives%20and%20perspective%2C%20research%20has%20found.

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