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What if you don't make any resolutions? Will the world cease to spin? Will the sun rise tomorrow and the day after? Will the pandemic end?

My parents taught me NOTHING was worth doing unless I was paid to do it. All of their worth, and mine, was wrapped up in how much money they - or I - earned. I could win the Pulitzer Prize but if it didn't get paid for doing so, it was worthless. The greatest pursuit and worthiest pursuit was money.

Most of us make New Year's resolutions because we want to improve ourselves. A worthy goal. It's good to "take stock" as they (whoever 'they' may be), say. But if you're like most people you make the same fucking resolutions every bloody year - i.e. lose weight, exercise more, take more time for yourself, blah blah blah. Why do we struggle with the same crap every year? Why don't our resolutions stick?

If you're expecting an earth shattering answer, prepare for disappointment. I just have an opinion based on personal experience and observation.

When I started writing, I discovered a part of myself I never knew existed. When I lost weight, I was pleased but the two accomplishments weren't equal. Writing was "private" and gave me a sense of personal achievement. Writing wasn't a "resolution" it was a journey of self discovery.

Setting expectations for ourselves is worthwhile. But rather than set a material or a physical appearance goal, what if you resolve to do something for NO other reason that it gives you pleasure? Write. Draw. Sing. Dance. Paint. Get out of your head and just ENJOY the experience of doing.

If nothing else, I hope that people who join Storytelling Lab find a personal satisfaction they haven't felt before - or at least not since they were children.

My New Year's wish for you - embrace your natural child.

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