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Myth Buster #1

I can’t write.

If that’s an accurate statement, it means you’re illiterate And if that’s the case, you may want to consider re-doing first grade!

Of course, you can write. The only relevant question is: Do you want to write?

The beauty of storytelling, like writing, it’s a skill you already possess. Writing isn’t the only way of telling a story. Learning to access those skills gives you the confidence to explore a range of things you may or may not have imagined. Maybe you’ll find yourself on a totally unexpected path. The entire purpose of storytelling is for you to take control of your own narrative. To own and embrace it.

You’re already in a “writing class.” It’s called your life.

If there was ever time to channel your energy into storytelling it's now. All of us, at this point in time, could benefit from seeing the world through a different lens.

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