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I've never had more requests about Storytelling Lab than in the last few weeks. Yet, for the first time, I sense reluctance. Normally, I'd take it personally. I don't. I realize that something significant happening and unless we acknowledge it, we'll lose the wisdom gained over the pandemic.

During my first few classes, students were so eager they didn't even want to talk to me, They just set money and signed up. I'd never do that! I'd take advantage of the free session I offered. To my amazement, ALL remained after the six-week session ended. I re-created new classes especially for them. As we got closer and closer to freedom, people "produced" less and less. The world crept back in.

One year ago, we were in a different mindset. We wanted to take chances. We wanted to set out of our comfort zone. We wanted diversion. We also wanted to discover if there was something beyond our careers? Or did the road ahead look exactly like the one we'd been on?

Storytelling Lab has been an emotional life saver. I didn't know or wouldn't have believed I'd find my "students" so inspiring I take credit for NONE of it. The only thing I do is show them how to open their vault to their inner life. Every one of us has one. When I receive notes from my extraordinary accomplished students (you can read them on my website), they move me to tears. What feels better than receiving acknowledgement for love and care you've extended?

If we don't take carve out time to discover who we are, then we've lost a crucial part of ourselves. We need to reconnect ourselves to the picture below. Rediscover our curiosity and freedom. That's Storytelling Lab's raision d'etre.

These are two Storytelling Lab participants. The one on the left is a high-powered criminal defense attorney, the other the most powerful woman on the FTSE. But after six weeks in Storytelling Lab....

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