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When I think of one of the greatest and most consummate storytellers and talents of the last fifty or sixty years, the first person who comes to mind is Lily Tomlin. I doubt that I'm alone. After all she's won, among other things the Mark Twain Award, Academy Award, Emmy Award, get the drift. Essentially EVERYTHING.

Lily was kind enough to make a video for me. She doesn't do it for everybody. She does it when she believes in you and what you're doing. Lily has championed the Storytelling Lab because she understands the STORYTELLING is more than a performance. It's a lens through which you evaluate and make sense of your life.

My first two classes, one in the US, the other in the UK finished a week ago. To my surprise and delight, both groups asked if they could continue - would I create Storytelling Lab 2?

Yes, I'm doing that. In the meanwhile, I have room in Storytelling 1 and promise it will be one of the best investments of time and money you've made in all 2020 - the year from hell!

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