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Our first two classes launched on Saturday, the 10th. Two diverse groups, from around the country and the world, ages 16 to 65! Our getting to know you intro went off seamlessly. Zoom didn't crash. Everybody could be seen and heard. The first assignment on THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS generated interesting reactions. I was inspired by the level of talent in these two classes. It just proves my point! Each and every one of us is a storyteller. We're fortunate to live in a time where there are a multitude of ways to tell our stories.

Everybody posted their assignments and I was awed by the range of emotions and sentiments people expressed. I may be the person getting the most out of this. My dreams have become so compelling and interesting. It's like going to movies!

When you start to stir the pot, all kinds of things bubble to the surface. Trust the process!

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