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The first Storytelling Lab Sampler was a HUGE success!! The participants all created amazing work, learned a lot, became inspired and discovered they actually had an original voice. It's thrilling to see people's faces when they hear their own words - and recognize their own ability.

I admit to being nervous about the event. It was a first and, since it's on the web, there's no end to the potential problems that might arise. Not to mention, I could flop. People could be bored to death. But, like in my 6 week classes, everyone connected at a deep level to the assignment. Even in 20 minutes, each person dropped their defenses and eloquently poured out their guts. Powerful and, I think, cathartic kind of writing.

Storytelling Lab is taking a break for the next four weeks. I'm going to expand into new areas in 2022. Many current students want to continue and I hope to engage and involve new people as well.

Wishing all a happier, healthier world!

Consider making your New Year Resolution to sign up for Storytelling Lab.

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