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I just wrapped my first two storytelling classes. To my utter amazement and sheer delight, both groups asked if i would create Storytelling #2. When I ask myself whether the classes accomplished what.I hoped they'd accomplish, I guess the answer is YES! The work people created in the class was nothing short of inspirational. Each person found their own voice and expressed themselves so eloquently in words, pictures, music - various creative ways.

In general I set ridiculously high standards and expectations for myself. This may be the first time I ever set an expectation that actually exceeded my expectations!

Their work was so inspired, i want to post it and share with others. I need to get permission from the various authors, however, All of the students, with one exception, were professionals in "non-creative" fields. Through the course, they tapped into their unconscious where imagination lie dormant, waiting to be summoned.

I look forward to reconnecting with my current classes and furthering their creative grown. But I also look forward to starting new classes as well. Nothing makes me happier than to see that light bulb go off in people's head when they suddenly realize, "I can do whatever the hell I want!"

Onward to 2021, which will be so fantastic is will erase any memory of 2020 aka YEAR FROM HELL!

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