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I don't know about you, but this girl is ready to take some time off!

I hate to say I've had an extraordinary last 8 months, extraordinary in a good way, but I have. That's because I listened to my heart instead of the news. I listened to the news, too, and that made me crazy. But I kept returning to what mattered. Voice. The truth of people's experiences.

Now, for the first time since the onset of the pandemic, I'm writing a script! Given the current climate, I doubt I'll sell it, but what else is knew. I'm always behind or ahead of the curve. But I'm enjoying the PROCESS and that's what all creative endeavors are about. It's taken me so long to learn that lesson.

When fall comes around, I'll be running very few original six weeks classes. ALL the people in six people have wanted to continue which means originated new classes for them. I'm hoping to go have TWO six week introductory classes. The introductory class is so much fun. Watching people discover their voices, watching the shock on their faces as they suddenly discover they have something to the greatest reward!

Please let me hear from you if you want to take part in this extraordinary class. We will resume in early September. Email:

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