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Let's agree that 2020 was the year from hell. The good news is that it's nearly over. That doesn't mean the problems disappear, but I think most of us are looking ahead with some hope. Or, at the very least, wishful thinking. My wish is the US government actually get its shit together, produce and distribute the Covid-19 vaccine efficiently and quickly. Listening to the news today, it sounds like that may be an elusive goal. But I won't dwell on that. I'm fortunate because I've found a way to survive emotionally and creatively.

The Storytelling Lab has been a revelation. It showed me it's possible to teach online if the class has been designed in such a way that it meshes with the Zoom box. Having six people in a class vs. a dozen or dozens, makes an enormous difference. Seminars where people sit and listen aren't terribly effective when people are already feeling adrift and disconnected. My main objective was to ensure participants in the Storytelling Lab have the time and freedom to express themselves without fear of criticism or judgment.

With the next round of classes coming up in less than two weeks, I already feel the butterflies bursting out of their cocoons. Even though I've proved this class works beautifully and former students have become continuing students, I still worry! Being the kind who wants to make everybody happy, I want to be sure everyone and anyone who takes the class feels it was worth their time (and money).

We've seen how tenuous and unpredictable life can be, why waste it? Why not make this the year you're going to shake things up?Find something you love and do it. Even if it's only ten minutes a day. They'll never be a better time than today.

Here's wishing every human being on the planet a greatly improved future starting now!

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