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U2 and #MeToo

If/when you tap into your creative vein, what'll amaze you is what comes out. You possess a buried treasure! You just haven't found the combination. When you do, nobody you'll open the door to your imagination and you'll never close it. Unless you want to and why would you??

Self-discovery takes many forms. One of them is creative writing. I don't mean writing from your head. I mean writing from your unconscious. Letting your brain, which is probably on overload, rest. Relying on your inner-self to rear its head. If you want to get to the magic, you must tap into that. We all are capable of magic. We have to get out of our own way! (Isn't that a U-2 song?).

Storytelling Lab is starting an Australian group!! In the second year, we're extending our reach. I'm now talking about myself in the second person. The ONLY good thing to come out of lockdown is how people are re-evaluating their lives. Are you re-evaluating yours? If not, why not?? Shouldn't all take inventory every...what? Five years? Ten years?

How about NOW?!

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