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Watching and Waiting

I launched this site 24 hours ago. I have big hopes for this endeavor. It breaks my heart to see how many young people are suffering from depression, lethargy and boredom. All I can think of is if this had happened to me when I was young, living with my parents, I would've lost my mind. Or run away. Or driven everyone under my roof batshit crazy. I don't care how great a relationship you have with the people living under your roof, the year 2020 has been challenging, at the very least.

My new class is all about breaking free - finding the dormant part of people, the "natural child," who, when faced with adversity, moves on to a new activity. I remember my youngest niece who, when she was a child, took more joy in the wrapping paper and box than in the actual gift!

My hope is that this course will grow and the students will take over and write about their experiences on this blog. Here's to watching and waiting.

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