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Loved this class Storytelling Class! The layering of the class was excellent with writing, expressing, reading/journaling and, yes, the movies !  It was a good weaving of forms to consider and use.  I highly recommend it!

Mary Ginter, PhD

Tucson, Arizona

‘Storytelling Lab has been a revelation. Not only is it created and led by Bonnie with a sense of humour, creative freedom and a light touch, but we have all uncovered aspects of ourselves and been surprised by the results. Who knew that spending Zoom time with five strangers from across the globe would be so heart warming and life enhancing!’

Sophie M.

Suffolk, UK

With 40 years of film development and producing experience I know good storytelling when I see it and no one I've worked with knows it better than Bonnie Garvin...a true pro!

Linda Kent


Grossbart-Kent Productions

Los Angeles, CA

I have known Bonnie for over a decade.  I first met her when she was my professor in a storytelling course that focused on interpersonal relationships between characters as a means of driving a narrative.  I learned so much from her about the unique ways to channel my creative voice as well as how to study great films, books, and other forms of media in order to inform my own work and artistic choices. One of the many wonderful qualities Bonnie possesses as a person and a creative counselor/instructor is the fact that she does not prescribe to limiting beliefs when it comes to expressing oneself and truly believes that anyone, yes, ANYONE, can be an effective and impactful storyteller if they put in the work, discipline, and passion for the art of the craft.  I highly recommend her Storytelling Lab -- which is a culmination of her many years teaching professionally as well as working in several creative industries including film and television.  During this strange and transitional time, we need powerful outlets and creative think tanks such as this!  --

Jessica Mollo, New York

Humanitas Prize Winner

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