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Right here. Right now. In this blog post, I'm going to reveal the most important piece of information you will ever receive. Seriously. What is that piece of information?

You already possess all the tools you will ever need to be a successful writer. It can be a short story, a novel, a memoir, a screenplay -- any and all it. How do I know? I've never met you!

I know because if you're reading this so that tells me you're curious. It tells me you have a creative soul. It tells me you have a 'voice' (or think you may have one) but don't know how to access it. It tells me that deep in your heart, you know it's time for you to get out of your own way!

I have spent the eight months, since the formation the Storytelling Lab, in the company of the most inspiring, talented and creative people. New classes are suspended until September. I'll continue nurturing those amazing 'students' who, inspired by the six weeks, made a commitment to create an original work of their own.

I plan to take the summer to work on a script of my own, having the good fortune to have been given an extraordinary true story behind a legendary Hollywood film.

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