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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

That's what storytelling is. Just speaking your truth. Writing it. Drawing it. Scribbling it on matchbook covers. Why is so hard to do something so natural, so obvious and easy? Because somewhere, somebody has said, "no." It's not good enough. Or you're not funny enough or smart enough.


There is NOBODY on this planet, whether they've been educated or not, who can't tell a compelling story. YOU can tell a compelling story. You've had hundreds of experiences in your life. Some interesting. Some terrifying. Some rewarding. Some a combination of both. Do you think about them? Do you ever share them? Do you want to share them?

What are the things you want to say that you stop yourself from saying? And why? What's stopping your from being 100 percent authentic? Maybe you have to be polite because you're at work or worried about hurting somebody's feelings. But if your story is about YOU, then it's . Nobody else can claim part of your story. They can have their own point of view on that particular story. They may have experienced in too, but came away with a different slant on it. But it doesn't negate YOUR story.

There has NEVER been a better time to find your inner storyteller. It's there. Waiting for you to tap into it. To let it out of the dark. What's stopping you?

I'm gearing up for 2021 Storytelling classes. What're you going to do that's going to make 2021 better than this horrific year. Make a plan. Take control. Don't waste another moment. Explore your inner life. And if you want to go deeper still, maybe enroll for six weeks in the Storytelling Lab. I've watched my students go through their journey and it's been extremely powerful. I look forward to see what the future brings them. And me! And you!!

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