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This is Abbey, a high school senior who joined my first Storytelling Lab a year ago. Abbey was about 35 years younger than the next youngest member of the class. But that didn't stop Abbey from becoming a beloved and vital member of the group.

One of the most personally rewarding aspects of Storytelling Lab is the bond the members form with one another. Total strangers in a Zoom! It's rather extraordinary. I think one reason the majority of people who take my 6 week class ask to remain once the class ends. Yes, they love the class, but part of the class is the people in the class.

After a Storytelling Lab class, my personal #instagood #motivation is through the roof. I get so much from my "students." I use that word with quotes because, for the most part, they're at least if not more knowledgable than I am. My strength is getting the talent inside them, outside them!

If Abby, a teenager, was will to put herself on the line in front of strangers as old (or older) than her parents, what's standing in your way? She joined for six weeks. You can sign up for Storytelling Lab Sampler and spend just three hours in one afternoon. Stick a toe in and see what it's all about. It'll be best three hours you spend in a box this year or last.

Don't let 2021 end without taking a step toward the future.

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