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The Storytelling Lab is for YOU if...

  • You were creative as a child.

  • Think “someday” I’d like to write.

  • Are too busy to connect with your imagination.

What is holding YOU BACK from your writing?

  • YOU, Your only obstacle to the life you fantasize about is  lack of confidence.

  • TIME. Someday is now. There is never a “good” time or a “right” time. Creative people aren't creative because they have nothing else to do with their time. 

  • MOTIVATION. It's difficult and scary to do something for with no guarantee of the outcome.

The Storytelling Lab unlocks the story inside you....

What is the Storytelling Lab?

The Storytelling Lab is unlike any class or workshop on Zoom or in a classroom.

  • It's an intimate, creative place where people discover their own voice and learn to bring it to life.

  • Storytelling Lab is a community comprised of like-minded people from around the globe, supporting each other to discover new ways of self-expression.

  • You won't learn to write....instead you'll discover how to access the writer who already exists within you! 

Storytelling isn't new. People were telling stories on the walls of caves 40,000 years ago before their was language!


Unfortunately, language ushered in criticism. We became our worst enemies. Rather than becoming more comfortable with our stories, we became self-conscious and ill at ease. How does something so natural become a source of discomfort?

Spend 6 weeks in the Storytelling Lab exploring skills you didn't know existed. It's one journey you'll never regret.

I invented Storytelling Lab for YOU. The testimonials tell the story.  Read what others have to say HERE

How does it work? 


  • In Depth and Personal Attention

  • 6 Weeks and Only 6 Students. The intimacy enables people to form a cohesive group where everyone can contribute, and no one hides or gets lost.

  • The atmosphere promotes a safe environment to express thoughts and ideas. 

When can I start? 



How do I sign up? 

  • Schedule a FREE Consultation (aka get to know each other)

  • If we both feel like it's a good fit, then you can get signed up

Hi, I'm Bonnie

Hi, I'm Bonnie Garvin, the creator of the Storytelling Lab.  Let me tell you a little bit about my passion.


I have taught hundreds, if not thousands, of students. For the last fifteen years, I've been part of the faculty at the renowned John Wells School of Writing for Film and Television at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. I also offer one-on-one coaching for writers and host writing workshops.   


I am also an award-winning writer and have worked in film and television in the U.S. and Europe. I am a produced playwright and have authored numerous biographical essays published in acclaimed anthologies. In addition, I am a professional painter and studied music since I was a child. 

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About Me

Isobel Rogers, UK

Bonnie's classes have helped me rediscover a love of writing as well as introduce me to new techniques, different approaches to storytelling and a space to share work with a group of brilliant women. I feel so lucky to have been taught by her and absorb her wisdom, she's an actual dream of a person, and her classes will open up your mind, invigorate/inspire you and set you on an exciting path. 


Rosie Donachie, UK

Bonnie's weekly writing class has been the highlight of 2021. Thanks to the class I now write often, short and longer pieces, and I have realised that writing can bring meaning to personal experiences and also clarity, in all kinds of ways. My fellow students have become friends, even thought we have not ever met - I have gained so much from taking this course in addition to the power and possibility of writing - new friends (I met Selwin- pictured with me- in this course) and a new mindset.


Sophie Moran, UK

Bonnie's Storytelling Lab has helped so much with my writing and creativity. I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take before I took the class, but it's allowed me to experiment and have fun with my own imagination. This was by far one of the best things I did last year!

Pictured L-R from our Storytelling Meetup (Michelle Cushen, Therese Byrne, Rachel Lord, Jen Drabble, Me)



"In Bonnie’s class I experienced the opening of a place within me that was closed for a long time.  The writing that came out was from a person that I swear is not me!"   
- Sharon Miller, United States

"Ironically, it's difficult to put into words how valuable Bonnie's courses are. The environment she creates transcends the usual barriers of awkwardness and insecurity and allows you to deeply engage with yourself as a person and a writer. Sign up today."

-Sian Nelligan, Australia

"You will never regret joining the Storytelling Lab! Bonnie's charismatic approach brings out the creative power in absolutely everyone. It's a total gem of a course that really does enable people to explore their own voice; I feel so lucky to have found it."

- Anna McDonald, UK

"I loved Bonnie's Storytelling Lab. I hadn't written for fun for years and had joined the course thinking it might improve how I think about storytelling at work. It has done this but it has also rekindled in me a desire to write for joy. 

- Rachel Le Sueur, Switzerland

"There’s too much to say about Bonnie’s life-changing course, so much nuance and many light bulb moments. It’s not so much a course as an awakening, an opportunity to voice your thoughts and memories, half-formed ideas, new ideas, you may never have verbalised before. Bonnie is so informed and magnetic, a joy, and a one-off energy. My only regret is that I didn’t find Bonnie sooner."

- Paula Collins, Ireland

Something Different

Key Takeaways from The Storytelling lab

  • Every time you write, it doesn't have to be an award winning novel and it doesn't have to grammatically correct... IT JUST HAS TO BE WORDS ON A PAGE


  • I rediscovered my LOVE OF STORYTELLING and removed the pressure that I was putting on myself


What We Do

  • Using film, television, books, graphic novels, and documentaries, students learn to adapt what they’re watching into their own creative experience.

  • Each week students explore a different aspect of their "voice."

  • I provide an analysis of dramatic story structure in each of the six pieces we study enabling students to understand myriad of dramatic modalities.

  • Six strangers become a community and support system.


How We Connect

  • The lab is a cohort model, consisting of only six students

  • Six, two-hour weekly group session via ZOOM.

  • Students share their “homework assignments” and their experience of creating it.

  • Small class size enables everyone can contribute. No one hides or gets lost.

  • The atmosphere promotes a safe environment to express thoughts and ideas. 



  • It’s homework and school but NOT the kind you’re used to. There are no grades, no pressure, no expectations. The goal: have FUN.

  • Each week you’ll receive a unique and engaging writing assignment that allows you to explore your voice in various contexts whether writing or speaking, etc.  

  • You’ll receive each assignment separately and only a week in advance of class to prevent you from overthinking and getting anxious!

Your Investment

  • $850 for class plus $25 for wire transfers/PayPal fees. 

Contact Me

Contact Me

If you want to learn more about my courses, please contact me at or use the form below. 


Looking forward to talking with you soon. 

Thanks for submitting!

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